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In the United States, corporate philanthropy has a long and proud history. It also has a bright future thanks to new developments and trends, especially corporate social responsibility (CSR). Beyond simply making large donations to worthy causes or encouraging employees to volunteer for philanthropic organizations, CSR integrates philanthropy into a company’s business model to optimize their efforts.

Companies choose to pursue CSR efforts in different ways. Some offer matching donation programs: Pepsi, for example, will match employee donations by as much as $10,000 in a single year, and in some cases. Other organizations make philanthropy a part of their daily routine by requiring or strongly encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities.

Corporate foundations are another popular vehicle for CSR. Corporate foundations are legally distinct organizations, but they typically work very closely with a parent corporation that provides the majority of their funding. Many corporate foundations focus on causes that relate to the business focus of their parent company. The Wells Fargo Foundation supports sustainable homeownership, affordable housing, and financial literacy, all of which align with their parent company’s work as a bank and provider of financial services.

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